The podium of the finals of the Belgian Championship Aspirant Baker

1. Dina Ben Taib

2. Ella Lenjou

3. Pina Gonçlaves

The finals of the Belgian Championship Aspirant Baker were held on Sunday the 26th and Monday the 27th of September.


  • Pina Gonçlaves 
  • Hahmed Hamo 
  • Kiona Laga
  • Ella Lenjou 
  • Laurie Mesmaeker 
  • Anissa Ouatassi D’Hoker
  • Arno Simons 
  • Lucas Storms 

These young bakers showed us that there is a beautiful future ahead for the bakers' craft.

Their spot in the finals gives them the opportunity to distinguish themselves on an international level on the Mondial Du Pain - and new since this year - Euro of Worldskills. To that end the finalists are being trained excessively by the organization Aspirant Baker with training sessions, which benefits their craftmanship greatly.

MORE INFORMATION? Contact the organization of Aspirant Baker.

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