Aspirant Baker spotlights young talent and the future of the craft at Broodway.  On Sunday 24 and Monday 25 September, eight finalists will compete in this prestigious competition.

In preparation, they will take part in a 3-day internship at Inbp in Rouen in July, taught by Aurélien Le Mouillour, who became MOF this year.  At Broodway, they will not only compete for the title, but also for a selection for Mondial du Pain! The winners will be announced on Monday evening 25 September.


  • Wakasugi Ankané
  • Jacey De Rydt
  • Matt Gapasin
  • Trine-Marie Keymeulen
  • Clara Maertens
  • Rubben Somers
  • Liam Soursrafil
  • Isa Uitjens

PARTNERS: Ceres, Corman, Puratos, Ranson, Van Den Broucke Bakkerijmachines

MORE INFO? Contact the organisation Aspirant Baker

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