Risco RS 305 + RS 260 + RS 280


Risco RS 305 + RS 260 + RS 280


The innovative Risco solution dedicated to the linking and separation of fresh sausage in industrial environment

A flawless servo driven stuffer, a fast and automatic linker  and the latest sausage separator compose the system.

It produces unitary items of the same weight and length, up to the racing speed of 500 pieces per minute.

The line aims to improve a flexible production process of chubby and well-filled sausages, whether in collagen or natural casing from any source. The linking turns out being particularly smooth and satisfies the highest expectations of fine-quality products and industrial performance.

Finally, the endless sausage chain is then neatly cut into individual items or groups by the RS 280 separating machine within the blink of an eye, ready for the packaging step of the process.

This patented key feature is an extremely low-pressure vane system and guarantees no product compression and overall class-leading product quality. The Risco vacuum filler excels with high-quality artisan products with large particulate integrity.

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